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Good Wish Umbrella

Welcome to Good Wish Umbrella®. We are a brand born for women, invented by a woman, and dedicated to serving special events in the lives of women. We are passionate about valuing and preserving traditions that celebrate women in a tasteful and fashionable sense. We've always valued handmade articles that evolve into a diverse creative keepsake and so we proudly bring you the Good Wish Umbrella®. As women gather to celebrate milestones in each other’s lives, our mission is to make these special occasions both beautiful and memorable.

Good Wish Umbrella NY LLC endeavors to bring real women like you products that can evolve into diverse, creative keepsakes to commemorate life’s special moments. In a socially conscious world where sustainability is important, we strive to bring you products that are both high quality and timeless in design, as well as products that can be used again.

For numerous years, I coordinated party affairs through the restaurant business. This gave me the opportunity to see things from other people's perspective. The most memorable occasions were bridal and baby showers. Observing gifts that were so prettily wrapped always intrigued me. Nostalgically, bridal and baby showers have one tradition in common and that is wearing the customary bow hat. At one bridal shower, the maid of honor came up to me and asked if we had any paper plates, scissors, and tape. Right then and there I knew what they were going to do and I felt compelled to improve upon this practice. That is how the Good Wish Umbrella® was conceived. An ordinary paper plate, used in this time-honored tradition, was suddenly transformed into something extraordinarily fashionable. With the arrival of the Good Wish Umbrella® you can relax and let the magic take hold.

The Good Wish Umbrella®, inspired by the Victorian women's fashion for umbrellas and tea party hats, is a product of great visual appeal. Our sustainable products may be used again and transformed into a focal point for any shower.

We decided to expand our party-line, focusing on the individual being celebrated. We implemented "Heirloom Keepsake Memoirs", a lovely way to preserve memories for generations. You now have the opportunity to write about celebrated shower stories, sharing your perspective, while encouraging other women to embrace tradition. 

This stunning and much-loved collection can be well-received by the recipient. When bundled together, it creates a truly beautiful and heirloom quality gift, sure to be appreciated and treasured. The magic begins when you open your heart with thoughtful gifts offered in this collection. Items are available in different colors to coordinate with whatever your event’s color scheme may be. These products will endure proudly for generations, where someone else can love it, again and again. It revives a gracious tradition, in a manner that is practical, stylish, and delightfully gift-worthy. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Lillian Campos, CEO, Founder of Good Wish Umbrella NY, LLC.

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