The Legacy

Posted by on 4/23/2019
The Legacy

So you've decided to pass the trove to honor the enduring in your life and would like to start an "heirloom family tradition" and don't know where to begin. No worries; we have it all planned out for you. When my daughter got engaged it dawned on me to compose a generational record-book about memoirs and combine it together with the Good Wish Umbrella®, as a personalized giftable set for her bridal shower. I wanted something different from a wedding journal or scrapbook for her to have. Where one can be inspired to write about their celebrated shower stories, making it easier to pass down as an heirloom. In this book; timeline & passage notes are held within these pages by name, date, and event of most importance, keeping them well together. Illustration frame prints are to portray a single evocative photo, with a visual interest for the storyteller, leaving fond memories and reflections of the past.

We recommend writing significant moments that occurred on the event while your mind is still fresh or regret what you forget you can never retell. Document something meaningful, make a legacy more intimate by leaving something behind; like a dainty handkerchief that captured a feeling, a message of an enduring departed loved one. Bible quotes about love for the soon-to-be-newlywed or a mother-to-be. Perhaps a shower invitation to endure for generations and enchant others to do the same or an anecdote for the unborn child. What about re-purposing a favorite ribbon; a memento from celebrated shower gifts that you once had into a bookmark or on a gift. There's a well-known saying; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue; meaning something to wear on her wedding day. 

Be unexpected and make a personalized insert card the way you would've liked to have. This useful ephemera explains and illustrates the history and culture that can be continued to endure through stories collected, that one may wonder.  Provides interactive fun on every page, leading up to a surprise of the contents inside, induce smiles, enliven the guests' curiosity for show and tell at the shower before gifts are opened. Held in fascination it creates awareness of traditional values so they'll know who's hands been in and what it meant. This book; Heirloom Keepsake Memoirs™ can be a well-received gift with a much-appreciated accessory, by honoring past traditions, and making the Good Wish Umbrella®, relevant for modern times. It is now available to you and to enlighten a new family tradition on to the next generation. To continue tradition virtues, relive old memories, leaving a reflection behind and teach others something about life that society ought to uphold, as they are through generations to come. Writing this book was a rewarding experience. I hope that you will find it of value, so when the time comes for someone new they can enjoy this heirloom and write about their story, they will have it.

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