The Perfect Gift for the Eco-Bride

Posted by on 4/24/2019
The Perfect Gift for the Eco-Bride

In the beginning, there was a Paper-Plate. At the time it was a popular choice for attaching bows when taken off from shower gifts. One activity-based shower is socially constructed by a woman that involves the creation of a bow-hat and bouquet that contributes to a historical fashion Victorian-era that remain popular fully-fashioning a structure rather than a mere accessory.


We yearned for something better and now there's the Good Wish Umbrella®; a blank canvas that you can use to make your own with a different perspective and a big step up to crafting that we conceived replacing an almost forgotten novelty. The Good Wish Umbrella® was inspired by the epitome of Victorian women's fashion for umbrellas and tea party hats taking this visual appeal into a concept as a sustainable alternative by adopting sustainable ways to use it again, and again emerging as a focal point of the shower. The Good Wish Umbrella® is now available at your disposal. It's going to be a celebration like no other and what she'll have is her new favorite thing filled with fun and gorgeous details from celebrated gifts she'll adore. 


The Good Wish Umbrella® is the epitome of femininity and grace for the most well-deserving recipient; a time-honored gift for a time-honored tradition destined to be cherished by one lucky enough to receive it. It possesses the power to transform a mood and deliver Runway Chic. Transitions into a fashionable headpiece motif with grouping intricate ribbon embellishments and back into a hand-held cascading row of bows to a point for the bride's rehearsal and double-sided power statement clips that can slide to accommodate a private note reminder or cash for a bachelorette bash. Another option can be used as a toss bouquet making it's essential functionality to diverse entertainment enduring beautiful remembrances that will brighten a loved one's day.


Passing and Preserving Your Heirloom

The wedding countdown is over and your status has changed to Newlywed and you couldn't be happier. In the spirits of perseverance now back to the secret love nest that you call home. The decadent umbrella is a destination timepiece that will be stored away in a closet, awaits the occasion to be handed down when only time can establish true personal attachments, for an enduring reminder of a thoughtful gift, and to a dedicated dear one who will be much appreciated if you ever find the courage to let go.


The Good Wish Umbrella® becomes an heirloom, that you can pass down not only to the family line but to all the women in future generations; including daughters-in-law. The heirloom can be passed onto whoever you wish to have it. Only the legacy will become of age and not the keepsake. The umbrella motif wipes clean and will never deteriorate, made of polyethylene material that can last the passing hands beyond a lifetime for generations. After a few years, you could not discern the "used" from the new. We ensure its durability and usefulness if properly stored away in a protective packing, away from heat and humidity at all times.


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