Posted by Lillian Campos on 6/8/2019

When my daughter announced her engagement, I was filled with excitement and anticipation knowing that she’d soon be a bride. I’ve always dreamed of watching her carry my invention, the Good Wish Umbrella®. Her laughs, as she wears the bow-hat, filled my imagination. I envisioned her holding the ribbon-bowed bouquet, so blessed by loved ones and friends. Once again, I pictured her at the wedding rehearsal, slowly doing her “Walk the Walk” down the aisle, holding the same beribboned bouquet, as tradition dictates.

As the inventor, I wanted to take it a step further with my product. Suddenly transformed, the simple umbrella has become extremely enticing, provocative to the touch, almost reminiscent of the Gatsby-era.  I took the umbrella and hand-embellished it with precious rhinestone gems on both the top and beneath, as well as on the handle. When in motion, it becomes so captivating to look at as it shimmers and shines. As the reverie continues, I see my daughter smile and say, “WOW! How beautiful this is.” It mirrors my accomplishment and to me that’s PRICELESS!

Just picture this decorative umbrella in colorful gems, coordinating with the shower color-scheme. I suggest at first to softly sand down the entire umbrella, including the handle and wipe it down. Use a good craft glue for a good grip so that the rhinestones will adhere well and give it sufficient time to dry. Are “YOU” up to the challenge? Adding a little creativity can make a difference to that special someone and shows that you really care. 

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